Registration Number:- 03/27/03/131931 Date:- 28/9/2010


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Our Programs

  1. Time to time conduct workshops and aware for knowledge for Human Rights and duties.
  2. Respact and encourage marchents for better production.
  3. Provide information about handicraft items,latest technology and computer knowledge to all poor people and backword class people like SC,ST,OBC and male ,female and children
  4. Work in the favour of Child Rights.
  5. Aware people about benefit of team work and coedination and boanding with each other.
  6. Providing hostasl facility for female students and working women both for normal peoplr and goverment worker's child.
  7. Arrange home and other facilities for orphans,old age people and handicaped people and aware them about jobs and goverment schemes.
  8. Provide vacination for pregnet ladies and also providing knowledge related to various diseases like AIDS, TB, Maleria etc. and how their outcomes to be controlled
  9. Helping poor people for their health treatment and tests like X-Rays,Blood Test etc.Arrange Funeral program for orphan people .
  10. Arrange seminars, conference to literate people for nation buliding and empower themselfs.
  11. Provide information about latest technolgy and useful materials for their betterment and provide traning for agriculture, water harvesting etc.
  12. Aware People about role of cow and other animals in the field of agriculture and protact cows and other animals from hunting.
  13. Work for the betterment of animals and birds and protact theme from hunting.
  14. Planting trees for better environment and for better atmosphere.
  15. Stablish new branches in district and block level in society.
  16. Run and execute to various schemes established by state and central goverment.